Its luminous saying must be left a conjecture (Ό,τι φωτεινό έχει να πει, θα πρέπει να μείνει εικασία), 2016. Mixed-media site specific installation, Palaio Elaiourgeio, Eleusis.

Meant to be experienced at night, Its luminous saying must be left a conjecture is a mixed- media intervention that occupied select spaces of the complex of abandoned manufacturing units known today as Palaio Elaiourgeio (Old Oil Mill) of Eleusis, converting industrial ruins into an evocative earthy soundscape of difficult paths and inaccessible sanctuaries—an allegorical “whole” sunk in darkness.

Beginning and ending in the backyard of the derelict factory, it consists of two cyclically communicating environments that entail separate—both collective and private—explorations to complete the work and activate the dialogue of light and dark that underpins its enigma. Its luminous saying must be left a conjecture immerses the viewer in a contrapuntally structured experience of darkness by combining a disorderly, pulsating landscape of powerful sonorous enclosure with a lonely ritual itinerary through the silent passageway of a long building, where an interactive event awaits each viewer. Together, the two environments seek to affectively advance both timely critical and timeless existential realizations through distinct bodily and reflective enlightenments, or, better yet, “un-concealments” of the wholeness of being in darkness.

Curator: Kalliopi Minioudaki, PhD
Sound Design: Coti K.