Conveying Nodes

Conveying Nodes (2005), plexiglass, optical fiber, permanent marker, correction fluid

Considering that what we literally see as the image of something does not contain the whole truth -that it is real but not true- and that there is a relation / communication between everything, without that being always be perceived, Eleni Panouklia tries to yield the "secrets" of nature through her work.

Something that is considered "empty" space, may actually contain data, non-visible information. There is a kind of energy fields that connects everything, by giving the information that will compose the whole, the truth about everything. As a development of the previous work, the artist does not use raw materials as natural elements (trees, roots, etc.), but purely pictorial and sculptural media, incorporating "foreign" elements, such as thread and optical fibers.

Essentially, the artist tries to capture the order of nature and depict through a visual language the occult influence that one body exerts on another, by means of attraction and repulsion. The acceptance of the idea that all that exists in nature has a special power manifested by specific effect on other bodies, means the emission of energy and the creation of magnetic fields between everything.