I see (or certain white points)

I see, 2008 | Video still
I see I (or certain white points), (2008) Video on dvd, loop

“… world doesn’t exist anymore in front of him through the picture: It’s rather the painter that comes into the world inside the things like inside a condensation and a reunion of visible in him’ as regards the painting, finally it can’t refer in anything between the empirical things except on the presumption that first of all is “self-reflection”. It can’t be the picture of a thing except “the picture of nothing”, except breaking the “skin of things” preparative to show that things become things and the world world.” Maurice Merleau-Ponty*

A quest of what we see, what exists and what we perceive is the flight of white kite in the white - snowy mountain. The discontinuity of an optical perception, leads the think in intermediate pictures between the picture – memory and the picture – fiction.