Decision, 2011 | Installation View ©Costas Costopoulos
Decision, 2011 | Installation View ©Costas Costopoulos

Dark space – bright space: a sense of the present and the possible future viewed through a collective exclusion and a blind alley, especially after the unconcealed violence of the government at all levels. Is it a matter of our decision to release us to a new reality?

On one side the sound of the installation maps the collective anger of claims through strikes and demonstrations, accompanied by an unprecedented violence from the state. On the other side, in the bright space, there is silence. Sound contains it. The pauses, the gaps enrich the sound; they signify it. A pendulum disarms our senses. Is a future solution pending or is it offered to us if we focus our mind on the perpetual movement, which marks a view deterministically?

The sound design of the installation is by Sofia Kamayianni.
Interactive programming for the pendulum: Lambros Pigounis

Decision (2011): Site specific installation, Materials: Formed sheet-metal, excavation soil, sound, magnet, pendulum, interactive programming for the pendulum, Dimensions: variable (in the black room: H240xL300xW120cm, volume of soil: 140x140x120cm, in the white room: pendulum: 42x42x210cm)

Project Photo 2. Title
Decision, 2011 | Installation View ©Costas Costopoulos
Decision, 2011 | Sound – ©Sofia Kamayianni | duration: 12’16’’