APOMONOPTICON (2011), dimensions variable, wood, mdf, formed sheet-metal, sound, light, sensors

The installation APOMONOPTICON is an architectural system of accessible and non-accessible cells. It is an experiential interactive work which mainly operates with the sensation of sound and light. APOMONOPTICON places the viewer in the position of the observed and at the same time in the authoritarian position of the observer. However, Panouklia reforms the space by deciphering the access of an inescapable enclosure. In order to comprehend the structure of the system, the spectators need to collaborate with each other playing different roles, something that breaks the chains of the confinement.

For this installation Panouklia is inspired by the architectural and social theory of «Panopticon» which was developed by Jeremy Bentham in 1785. The installation APOMONOPTICON, expresses her problematics upon the enclosure of contemporary man, which results from the governing of a system of control and the corresponding defense mechanisms that each of us creates. Her theme indirectly alludes to the agitation between the individual and the state, private and public, something that we experience constantly, especially the past few years.

The sound design of the installation is by Sofia Kamayianni.